Dalex Liquid Floors offer a range of services, relating to epoxy resin flooring and decorative concrete. We have a dedicated team, on hand to provide top quality results. 

Surface Preparation

In order to achieve the best possible floor, it is vital to prepare a surface properly. At Dalex, we pride ourselves on our vast preparation knowledge.

Choosing the correct preparation method, can be the difference between a floor you’ll enjoy for years to come and one that fails, in a very short space of time. 

Some surfaces may only require a simple clean, others may require etching. Etching can be achieved by using chemicals, or by way of abrasion, such as diamond grinding. Trust Dalex to ensure you are prepared properly and enjoy your floor for longer.

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Epoxy Resin Floor Application

When Quality and value for money are required, trust Dalex Liquid Floors, to provide the very best in epoxy resin flooring.

Choose from our range, of market leading resin technology, then sit back and enjoy a truly unique flooring experience. We aim to delivery the very best, in epoxy resin flooring for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. For more on the Industries We Service, Click Here.

With over 10 years of experience, installing resin flooring, our team is more that capable of producing long lasting solutions.

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Resin Based Cove Systems

Creating a wall to floor cove system, using resin based mortars, provides a seamless system. Thus, allows for ease of cleaning and increases the lifespan of a floor and it’s surroundings.

This is especially important when dealing with certain settings. For instance, food productions facilities, commercial kitchens, pharmaceuticals, public restrooms and other such areas.

 Trust Dalex Liquid Floors to deliver, hand trowelled resin based cove systems. Creating, easy to clean, bacteria free, seamless, floor to wall systems.

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Decorative Concrete

In the world of flooring, it’s hard to find anything that would outlast or out perform a concrete surface. Luckily, Dalex Liquid Floors, offer a range of decorative concrete options. 

Whether you require polished concrete, overlay veneer systems of full exposed aggregate honed concrete, our forward thinking, highly experienced staff, are able to provide the right choice for you.

Experience long lasting, durable and easily maintainable floors, from our range of decorative concrete finishes.

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