Food And Beverages


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Food And Beverages

In food processing industries, the typical flooring doesn’t perform well due to acidic nature of vegetable oils, animal fats, sugars and dairy products etc. Food Processing Plants are normally operated on the high volume operating conditions along with heavy movements of forklifts, stackers, steel wheeled crates etc, hence the floors requires deep cleansing methods, temperature extremes needs to take care along with proper methods etc to take care of all operating parameters and conditions customised flooring solution is needed for Food Processing & Beverage Industries absolutely.

To take care of this type of floors, the specifications of durable flooring system which resist these types of tough conditions are necessary.

Epoxy Flooring and PU Flooring are specifically designed for these conditions providing the advantages of high impact resistance, long-term durability, chemical resistance, seamless, thermal resistance, and slip resistance.

Why Us?

As every concrete surface is subject to unique operating and environmental conditions we specifies accurate flooring systems .

We offer the Best Epoxy / PU Flooring solutions with Quality Satisfaction and Good Price.

Our team is able work with your schedule to have a fast turnaround and are even able to work after hours to facilitate minimal disturbances and shutdown.

Area of Application:

  • Food industry floors
  • Dairy
  • Milk products, cheese production areas
  • Food preparation packaging or storage factories
  • Fresh juice factories, Cold storage rooms (Freezers)
  • Storage rooms
  • Parking decks