Industrial Flooring

Dalex Liquid Floors understand that your floor is literally the base, on which your industrial business is built. We pride ourselves on supplying and installing premium quality resin coatings.

Dalex collaborates with all parties involved in your project, to deliver complete resin based industrial flooring solutions. We make sure all aspects of design and performance are factored in at the start of each project. 

When it comes to solving industrial floor problems, Dalex leads the way. 

A damaged or incorrectly installed industrial floor surface can cause serious issues with efficiency, safety and hygiene, not to mention the cost of repair. Getting it right the first time, takes a thorough understanding of the environment, and the experience to not only supply the most suitable choice of product but to prepare and install that product efficiently. 

That’s where Dalex really excels because we’re more than just a supplier. We offer complete industrial flooring solutions, from start to finish.

Why Choose Dalex?

We can tailor our solutions to any industrial flooring project. With our wide range of industrial grade resin-based technologies, including epoxy, polyurethane and MMA. We are able to produce long lasting, durable surfaces. 

The pride we show in our work and the passion we have, means our clients get the very best results. We are always researching and evaluating new industrial resin products and technologies. This allows us to deliver the very best flooring solutions.

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Benefits of resin based floor coatings

Resin flooring provides a really tough coating,  this is vital in an industrial setting. Some of the benefits to applying a high quality resin as your industrial flooring include;

  • Abrasion resistance

Wen dealing with industrial grade resin chemicals, it is possible to acheive truely 100% solid surfaces. Once cured, these finished floors will provide significant abrasion resistance. Capable of daily traffic from not only feet but fork-lifts, trucks and other such equipment.

  • Safety

You can use resin to provide different colours, warning you of particularly hazardous zones. ease of cleaning, meaning you can remove spills quickly, before they become a danger to people or the environment. 

  • Slip Resistant

Resin flooring can be tailored to include properties that reduce slip-risk. In some cases a specific rating is required. At Dalex we are able to provide the desired slip rating you require.

  • Aesthetics

Untreated grey concrete will absorb spills and mark easily. Coating concrete with a coloured resin, not only provided protection but it creates an attractive surface. studies show that colour and design can directly impact productivity. For more information on the benefits of colour and design on the increased productivity of your business, Click Here.

  • Hygienic

As resin is applied over the floor in liquid form, it cures as a skin and creates a seamless system. This creates an impervious barrier between the pours concrete below and the surface you walk on. Preventing water and other chemicals from penetrating into the substrate, ensures resin flooring provides superior hygienic properties.

For more information on the benefits of using a resin based coating for your industrial flooring, Click Here.