When Safety is of the highest priority, trust Dalex Liquid Floors to provide Non-Slip epoxy resin flooring, for your home or work environment. 

With every floor we install, our mission is to produce quality service, unbeatable products, knowledgeable advice and competitive prices. Therefore, our non-slip epoxy resin flooring options are guaranteed to provide long lasting results. Creating a slip resistant epoxy floor is vital in certain environments. For instance, work spaces that see heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic, public wet spaces, commercial kitchens and other such areas.

Using a mineral to create a textured surface, helps to create increased surface friction. In addition, these tough minerals help to increase the resistance to abrasion because they are extremely hard and act as a bulking aggregate within the resin. Therefore, our non-slip flooring systems, tend to also last significantly longer, than other concrete coating systems.

Non-Slip Flooring